18. /19. CENTURY

Welcome to Oberammergau Museum

Entering Oberammergau Museum through the heavy green door is a special experience.

One surprisingly finds oneself in a very bright high chapel, in which modern steel and glass constructions complement the ceiling vault, arched windows and wooden banisters. This ambience awakens curiosity – for the past and present. Some of the past is over 100 years old: in 1905 the Oberammergau retailer Guido Lang contracted the architect Franz Zell from Munich to design and construct the museum.

In 1910 the museum was opened under the name “Retailer Langs’ Art and Cultural History Oberammergau Museum”. The Munich architect and exhibition designer Franz Zell (1866-1961) was responsible for both the building and the interior design and was therefore able to implement an integral concept for the museum. For example the present entrance room was not only furnished but also architecturally designed as a chapel, and was opened for services for the small protestant village community in 1920.

In 1953 the council purchased this unique ensemble and in the following years the collection was considerably expanded. After fundamental renovations the exhibition was re-opened in 2004 with a new concept.

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