Landscape paintings behind glass in the 18th century, 27.7.2013 – 6.10.2013

Along with Woodcarving and the Passion Play, Paintings behind Glass have been one of the three main focus points of Oberammergau Museum since it was founded.
In the 1950s the council acquired the collection of Paintings behind Glass of the Murnau brewer Johann Krötz. By the end of the 19th century Krötz had collected more than one thousand paintings, predominantly from the area of Lake Staffel and Oberammergau. This collection is significant for having strongly impressed and inspired the artists of the "Blue Rider" ("Blaue Reiter").In the meantime the collection of the museum encompasses more than 1500 paintings.
In 2013 Oberammergau Museum presents the first exhibition which deals exclusively with the theme of Landscape Painting in the art of Paintings behind Glass. In contrast to the majority of Paintings behind Glass in public collections, which originate from folk art, this exhibition displays paintings which, due to their techniques and themes, are classed as fine art.
As Paintings behind Glass are invariably painted using graphical references, many famous names from the art of landscape painting in the 17th and 18th century can be found here, such as Jacopo Bassano, Nicolaes Berchem, Johann Wilhelm Baur, Jacopo Amiconi, Cloud-Joseph Vernet, Francois Boucher, Francesco Zuccarelli, Guiseppe Zocchi, Johann Wolfgang Baumgartner, and David Teniers.On display are around 80 paintings from a private collection in the south of Germany, in most cases along with their corresponding graphical reference.
Parallel to these paintings two rooms of Paintings behind Glass from the museums' collection are displayed, showing the visitors the contrasts and comparisons between the folk art and fine art techniques.
The accompanying catalogue for the exhibition can be obtained in the museum or online at museum@oberammergau.de. From the 4th to 6th of October the 8th International Paintings behind Glass Congress will be held in Murnau.

Permanent exhibition of Paintings behind Glass on the 1st floor of Pilate's House.

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