(IM)MATERIAL – Fabric, Body and Passion

A building and room installation to mark the ‘Passion Play’ / OPENING POSTPONED
Oberammergau Museum
Panel with costumes of the Passion Play 2010, Oberammergau Museum 2020

A section of the Oberammergau Museum building will be changed and concealed behind costumes worn by the general populace in the Passion Plays held in 2000 and 2010. The ‘cloaked’ areas inside the museum will transform the space into an experience for the senses. A large proportion of the small sculptures in the collection from the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries depict the birth, life, suffering and death of Christ as well as the Resurrection. Through concealing, alienation and light projections the focus will be drawn to individual exhibits. The route starts in the Nativity Scene section, leads through the Historical Rooms created in 1910 and culminates in a large room installation. The visitor repeatedly enters and leaves alienated areas. The museum will be turned into a place of reflection on things that influence one’s own self, on fears, perceptions and the question of redemption. On leaving the museum, every visitor will be given a small piece of material from the old costumes worn by the general populace as a symbol of im(material) exchange and the sense of community among people.