(IM)MATERIAL – fabric, body and passion

A building and room installation to mark the ‘Passion Play 2022’
Oberammergau Museum



The Oberammergau Museum, one of the most important museums of culture and local history in Bavaria, is creating a spectacular gesamtkunstwerk to coincide with the 42nd Passion Play season. Entitled ‘(IM)MATERIAL – Fabric, Body and Passion’, it comprises a building and room installation as well as an exhibition.

A huge blue cube, made of costumes worn by the ‘General Populace’ in the 2000 and 2010 Passion Plays, cloaks the building and, inside the museum itself, material intersects the rooms as well. The external fabric covering, made of costumes used in the Passion Play, conceals and transforms the museum building of 1910 into an art object in the public space that is highly visible from a distance. The blue ‘wall of fabric’ extends inside the museum building over all three storeys. As a result new spatial structures are created with an alienated interior and a normal space outside the cube – areas that the visitor repeatedly enters and leaves. The rooms are transformed to bewilder. Through enveiling and alienation, the focus is reduced to just a few exhibits. The core of the museum’s holdings comprises carved wooden figures from five centuries that address the subjects of life and suffering, as well as the fears, concerns and hopes of humankind – and, as such, are closely linked to the subject of the Passion. Through the focussed presentation of the collection, the museum is turned into a place of reflection on regional, cultural and social influences and notions.





A large proportion of the small sculptures from the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries in the museum depict the birth, life, suffering and death of Christ, as well as the Resurrection. Other groups of works capture scenes from everyday life over the centuries. In this way the exhibits become an integral part of the art installation and enable key aspects of the human condition to be addressed: the family, society, transciency – i.e. humankind as social beings, humankind and nature, humankind and the search for salvation.


Material – materiality

The costumes originally worn by the ‘General Populace’ in the Passion Plays that constitute the pivotal component of the building and room installation, symbolise – on the one hand – the collective history of the village and its almost 400-year theatre tradition. On the other hand, individual people from the village once wore these costumes for the duration of a Passion Play season and left their mark on them. Through alienating the musem space inside with remnants of these costumes, the focus is turned to the Passion Play 2022. The question of sustainability is not only broached through the content of this museum project but also in its implementation. On leaving the museum, every visitor is given a small piece of material from the old costumes as a symbol of im(material) exchange and the sense of community among people – redemption only being possible when one is prepared to give.


Module with costumes of the Passion 2010

The outer shell panels can now be reserved and purchased. The price for a full-size panel or corner with the format 125 x 200 cm is € 222.00. The small-format plates or corners are all different sizes and cost € 122.00. Please email us the number of the record you would like to purchase. The plates with a red number are already reserved. Reservation of a maximum of two modules per household possible. Any changes of the panels due to for example weather conditions  are part of the project and do not justify complaints. The outer skin will be dismantled in mid-October and the individual panels will be handed over to the buyers.





This project is possible due to the large monetary support of a Bavarian Society.

Kuratorische Leitung: Dr. Constanze Werner
Kuratorische  Assistenz: Andrea Sorg
Künstlerische Gestaltung und Umsetzung: Stefan Reitsam, Michaela Johanne Gräper, Heike Schäfer, Tobias Haseidl
Kunstprojektionen: Michael Gene Aichner /crushed eyes
Klanginstallation: Mark Polscher
Haarkunst: Klaus Vogt

Mitarbeit: Ulrike Bubenzer, Helga Stuckenberger, Quirin Maas, Michael Mayr, Merit Schongar, Pablo Schreyer, Anton Haberl
Grafik: Andrea Sorg
Film: Ralf Bücheler, Johannes Rosenstein /Royal Filmmakers GmbH
Verwaltung: Monika Stückl
Elektrik: Hans Hofer



Im Museumsshop erhältlich

Format: 20,5 x 20,5 cm
Druck mit Originalstoff der Volksgewänder der Passionsspiele 2000 und 2010, mit Umschlag

Limitierte Auflage € 19,50
inkl. MwSt. zzgl. Versandkosten

Format: 40 x 40 cm
Druck mit Originalstoff der Volksgewänder der Passionsspiele 2000 und 2010, in Papprolle

Mit Konzeptzeichnungen des für 2020 geplanten Kunstprojekts (IM)MATERIELL des Oberammergau Museums, das nun 2022 zu den Passionsspielen stattfinden wird.

Limitierte Auflage  € 39,50
inkl. MwSt. zzgl. Versandkosten

Bestellung gegen Vorauskasse zzgl. Versandkosten, E-Mail an: museum@gemeinde-oberammergau.de